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We offer professional and quality services for each case. We try to improve well-being with advanced techniques supervised by the professionals of our team

Pain Clinic

Can pain be normalised? B2N is focused on normalising pain through advanced practices in Physiotherapy. We are a team of Physiotherapists specialized in hands on techniques who are experienced in addressing multi various conditions which causes pain.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

At B2N, we work to integrate and coordinate different systems in your body. like neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular etc. for the purpose of treatment and preven tion of injury as well as maintenance of optimal physical health.

Rehabilitation & Prevention

Injury is an emotionally disruptive experience for anyone, but perhaps even more so for athletes for whom sports is central to their lifestyle and personal identity. We aim to create a complete facility to rehabilitate and prevent sports injuries, while enhancing the overall performance of the human body.

Gait & Movemnent Analysis

Gait and movement analysis are key tools for correcting the movements of the human body. B2N upholds the importance of conditioning the body for management of various posture and gait related abnormalities.

Physiothersapy & Counciling

The profession delivers a holistic approach to treatment. Physiotherpaist are from time to time called upon to adopt a counselling role while treating patients who are experiencing emotional as well as physical problems.

Womens Health

Women's Health Includes the prenatal, postnatal and the management for other gynaecological problems. Studies suggests that there are a marked number of females with musculoskeletal problems post child birth. B2N as pain management clinic which also acts as a preventive measure for such musculoskeletal disorders in females.

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